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Do you suffer from chronic back pain?  The Movement Studio is offers a Well Back Clinic that may help reduce or eliminate this nagging problem.  This class works on assisting those living with back pain to understand and retrain movement patterns to support a pain-free back.


In this clinic, participants do exercises that specifically address common concerns for back pain..

The key to a healthy back is to bring balance to the important relationship between stability and mobility.  This relationship, which works closely with gravity, is extremely important to achieving a well back.  By practicing this balance, you will be strengthening your core.  By living this balance you will find more ease in movement with less wear and tear on your back.

This clinic is taught by Movement Studio instructor Danielle McCulloch.  Danielle is a certified Craniosacral therapist and holds a BA from the collaborative Dance and Kinesiology program at the University of Calgary .  She has years of experience working with folks living with chronic pain conditions.  Her knowledge and caring approach are very effective in helping people to learn and live strategies that assist them in changing these issues, whether they stem from traumatic injury or long term postural or emotional patterns in the body.

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