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Testimonials and Recommendations

Read about what some of The Movement Studio Pilates clients have to say about thier experience with the studio.

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I have been coming to The Movement Studio since 2003. It is a fabulous experience working with Karen Weggler, and my health has certainly benefitted from it. Pilates twice a week enables me to maintain my body and energy at a high level.

James Cheng, Architect


Pilates changed my life - the way I move, run and work.  The Movement Studio Pilates is second to none.  I cannot recommend them more highly.  So much so that I encourage friends, family and patients to try the Studio.

Dr Sonya Kashyap, MD, MSc Epi, FRCSC, FACOG - owner, Genesis Fertility Centre


When I was first diagnosed with diastasis rectus (a separation of the abdominal wall) after the birth of my second child, I felt like I was starting from scratch in a body I didn't recognize as my own. I was faced with re-learning how to use my core & pelvic floor in order to reduce the back and thoracic pain I began experiencing as a result of the DR. It felt like a tall order for a mother of two young children and Flamenco dancer. Karen Weggler was amazing at preparing my body for the surgery needed to correct my diastasis in a Clinical Pilates, private setting. She understood all the complexities of my weaknesses, the associated pain, how these were affecting my posture. The work we did together got me on a clear and straight path to progress. Thanks to her guidance and expertise, my post-surgery recovery and rehabilitation went far beyond what I could have hoped for. Before I knew it, I was strong enough to move into group apparatus classes, and the team at The Movement Studio helped me to become stronger than I have been in years. I am so grateful for their expertise in postpartum care, diastasis and pelvic floor rehabilitation. They were my "go-to" people who gave me hope during a physically difficult and emotional time in my life. I hope every woman who goes through the same experience finds experts like I did at The Movement Studio.

Kate Pattison, Flamenco Dancer


I did (and continue to do) Pilates at the Movement Studio throughout my two pregnancies. The work made my pregnancies comfortable, and I had amazingly quick post-recoveries.  The instructors were conscious about modifying the exercises to make it safe for pregnancy but still kept it challenging.  Pilates strengthened my core and helped with balance, stability and flexibility.  I learned body awareness and how to self-correct to maintain proper posture and good body alignment even outside of class. This was especially helpful when a growing belly can throw you off!  Pilates kept me active and strong right up until my labour.  During labour, I used some of the exercises and breathing techniques to help me achieve drug-free deliveries.  I am still a regular at the Movement Studio years after my last pregnancy because I have seen the benefits of Pilates during life's hardest times on my body.

Melissa Yeung, Lawyer, Tenure Law


I have been benefiting from the amazing instruction, knowledge and support provided by everyone at The Movement Studio for the past five years.  I love it!

I consider Pilates and The Movement Studio to be an important partner to my health.  My ongoing practice allows me to be extremely active, strong and injury-free throughout my fifties!

Anne Lauener, Co-Owner,  Beverly's The Spa On 4th

I started at the studio a few weeks ago and I am thrilled.  I worked with a personal trainer for two years and hated every minute of it.  I finally found a exercise program that I actually enjoy and look forward to.

Tracy Rowand, owner, Taste to Savour


The Movement Studio's instructors creatively combine their extensive knowledge of anatomy and movement practices to provide exceptional care that not only educates, but empowers their clientele.    Their goal is to provide outstanding client focused care and they are trustworthy practitioners with years of experience.  Their assessments of clients are consistent with my diagnoses, which gives me great confidence in referring my patients to them.  I appreciate that the studio's rehabilitative regimes are focused on improving the function of the entire person, not just the primary complaint.  They deliver results.

Dr. Erin Biddlecombe, Chiropractic Physician, B.Sc, DC

I was introduced to Pilates at the Movement Studio four years ago to solve a chronic back problem.  The instructors at the Movement Studio have really helped me strengthen my core and my posture has improved dramatically.  After practicing with them regularly my chronic back pain is gone - no more backaches!!!

Pilates has been a transformative force in my life.  My instructors at the studio are dedicated to my program and my progress.  With their guidance I am stronger, more present in my body, and generally happier.

Adam Korbin, Instafund

Classes at the Movement Studio are not about using equipment or doing movement routines.  Classes are about learning to move in ways that translate to everyday activities.  I have learned to transform everyday actions to relieve chronic pain, feel stronger, and enjoy movement again. 

At the beginning of each class I am asked how my body is moving and feeling.  The class is designed to meet my needs and yet challenge me.  Classes are planned and modified to meet my needs and change as I progress.   I feel as though I am continuously learning and never bored. 

The Studio atmosphere is friendly and compassionate.  I love the absence of competition or focus on fabulous abs, buttocks, or other body parts.  The Studio is a place where all bodies are welcome and the whole body learns.

Sheila Marshall



I have taken a mat pilates class with Karen for over a year and love it! I also do yoga, but I have never had an instructor who is so knowledgeable and in tune with proper body mechanics and positioning. I have learned so much as Karen explains things clearly and in a way I can understand. I now have muscles I didn't know existed and my overall back/core health and posture has improved. I have no hesitation recommending Karen to anyone who is interested in pilates.

Taryn Winsor, WorkSafe BC


Dear Karen,

March  2011 was my 6th anniversary date of my twice a week participation in your wonderful pilates classes.  This is an opportunity to tell you that you have changed my life.

I have always been physically active, playing sports competitively for years.   Approximately 30 years ago I crushed my three vertebrae in my lower back resulting in years of back aches, immobility and sciatica nerve problems.  Nothing seemed to help.

Your classes have changed all that.  I now  walk pain free.  I know I walk differently, supported by my core muscles.  In addition to that unbelievable benefit, the way I look has also changed.  While I've never been thin, I attribute my steady weight to your classes.  I have participated in many types of exercise and conditioning camps and will state that your classes have reshaped and toned my body most significantly. (and I like it) 

I look forward to your classes and attend faithfully.  I love your teaching method - it's captivating, fast flowing and challenging.  Your instructions are clear and precise, transitions from position to position are easy and smooth - that with your cheerful and encouraging personality makes it so rewarding and enjoyable.

I can't imagine what I would do without your Pilates classes, a grateful thank you

Janice Campbell, WorkSafe, BC


I've been doing pilates classes with Karen at WorkSafeBC for about a year and a half.  She's amazing!  In a class of ten or more people she keeps a wonderfully energetic flow to the class, while still managing to give individual attention.  Karen has eyes like a hawk - noticing and correcting form in a very precise and encouraging way.  She always keeps class fresh and challenging by incorporating a variety of new and increasingly advanced movements to build on the basics. 

As someone who drives to work and sits at a desk for most of the day, I've really benefited from the core strength I've developed through pilates.  After doing pilates, I feel strong, energized, and like I've accomplished something positive for myself.   I think I'm very lucky to be able to benefit from Karen's expertise so efficiently with lunchtime classes, right at my place of employment.  Thanks Karen!

Renee Teleske, WorkSafe BC


I've only been attending Karen's class for about six months, however I have already noticed many benefits, including improved core strength and agility. In addition, I have learned a lot about my body because of Karen's vast knowledge of body movements and unique teaching techniques.

Jennifer Delfino, WorkSafe BC


It's not often you meet an instructor as caring as Karen is.  She takes the time to ensure you're doing the movements correctly and offers alternatives to accommodate different levels of fitness.  Her knowledge of body mechanics is amazing.  I have been attending her classes on a regular basis for several years now and still feel challenged.  Thank you Karen. 

Sandy Lochbaum, WorkSafe BC  


I have taken Karen's pilates class for many years.  This is the only type of class that I have been going to consistently because it is both fun and has demonstrated  substantial positive changes to my fitness.

Karen is extremely knowledgeable about the techniques associated with the various pilates movements.  She is always encouraging and very positive with her students, correcting posture and stances as necessary.  Her classes have been responsible for substantially reducing the frequency of my visits to the chiropractor as well as increasing my overall flexibility and strength.   I recommend her classes for improving flexibility and strength, as well as overall fitness and wellness.  She adapts her teaching to the variety of fitness levels of her students.  Pilates is now a "way of life" for me.  Karen has been able to show that pilates can change a person's body, increase their energy while at work and at home.

Freda Jung, WorkSafe BC


Karen's knowledge and teaching skills never cease to amaze me!  I have been a pilates student of Karen's for two years now – and although she is consistent with her approach she continually introduces new forms and deeper movements.  Although I feel stronger as a result of her classes, they don't get easier, but instead continue to challenge me.  I indeed feel fortunate to have Karen as a pilates teacher! 

Peggy MacDonald, WorkSafe, BC


Having practiced in mat classes for over ten years, I can say with confidence that Karen is an incredible teacher!  The best I have ever had! 

Her style of instruction is fluid, challenging and ever-changing.  Her knowledge of anatomy is impressive, and she has a wonderful way of explaining movements with beautiful imagery and a cheery disposition.  She has an amazing ability to stir motivation, and is able to teach an effective class to a large group of students at varying levels of experience.  Also, having been the corporate administrator for Karen's pilates class, her dependability and professionalism has always been greatly appreciated. 

Kristin Helgason, WorkSafe, BC