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Why take our Teacher Training program?

picThe faculty of the Movement Studio Teacher Training Program are educated from a number of different Pilates styles as well as other movement modalities. Our goal is to foster the development of confident, creative Pilates teachers by introducing somatic applications to enhance the Pilates method. Extra time is taken to focus on techniques, for observation skills, verbal cuing, program design and problem solving.

We do not give set orders of repertoire to memorize and execute. We teach you how to develop programs yourself. We include accomplished guest instructors to cover pathologies and embodiment in teaching. Our program requires hard work to synthesize the layering of material. Teachers are available for mentorship. The reward is to finish with confidence in what you have to offer as a Pilates teacher. You will be ready to meet your clients’ or classes’ needs with the ability to observe, program and be creative within the structure of movement principles. Our program has set a standard for the Canadian Pilates Association and graduates are guaranteed insurance bySports Insurance Canada.

Email us at inf0 (at) themovementstudio (dot) ca for more detailed information.