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The Men of Pilates

The men that arrive at the Pilates studio often find their way to our door because a wife or girlfriend suggests it, or from the recommendation of a physiotherapist. Most don’t know what to expect from a session and some come with the idea that it’s going to be easy. Really easy.
Whatever impetus initiated their first step into the studio, the men are always the ones to stick it out for the long haul. 
They begin to understand the important balance between strength and flexibility and how a visually ripped 6-pack does not necessarily equal true core strength. They laugh when they realize that a demonstrated exercise is much harder than they expected and that they can’t rely on brute force to make it happen. Men are the first to ask questions about how they can transfer the Pilates concepts into their daily activities and favourite sports, and always enthusiastically tell you how genuinely great they feel after a session. 
The men of pilates know that it is the groundwork for how they can move through life better and they are often the best advocates for the work that we do.