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Taking a moment to commemorate

We are lucky enough to have so many people in our lives and world who we love and who inspire us. Unfortunately, sometimes you must say goodbye, and sometimes these goodbyes are truly permanent.

We would like to take a moment to commemorate two in the field of pilates who truly inspired many.

Julian Littleford, originally a dancer, became an internationally recognized leader in pilates. With a love for movement, he opened a pilates studio in San Diego. Julian passed away on August 31st, 2013 following a battle with cancer.

Secondly comes Romana Kryzanowska. Also a dancer in her youth, she turned to pilates following an injury. Working directly under Joseph Pilates in New York, she went on to teach the pilates method in its purest form. She, too, recently passed away.

A big thank you to both of your efforts and passion. We offer condolences and love to the friends and families of Julian and Romana.


For more information on each of these great individuals, check the following pages:

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