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How to Improve Cognitive Flexibility Through Mindful Movement

It’s not just your gluts that need a workout! Dr. Michael Merzenich chief scientific officer at Posit Science on cognitive flexibility and maintaining a healthy brain through mindful movement patterns.


Continuing education in Seattle

Instructors at The Movement Studio are constantly absorbing new methods and theories to help improve their teaching; to engage with different strategies that will enhance the Pilates experience for their students.

This coming August, three of our instructors, Karen, Danielle and Steph, will be participating in an exciting workshop in Seattle. All three of these fantastic teachers come from a dance background and have been involved with movement their entire lives.

The workshop called the Seattle Festival of Dance Interpretation is put on by the Dance Art Group. Danielle, Steph and Karen are excited to be working with Martha Eddy in a session called FLUID MOVEMENT. It’s going to focus on: Continue reading »