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Video of Torch passing

Check out our video of the Olympic Torch passing by our Pilates studio!

Olympic Torch passes by our Studio!

On February 11th the 2010 Olympic Torch passed by Pilates at The Movement Studio.  It was relayed to torch bearer #253 who did a little jig with the previous bearer before carrying on the torch down 4th Avenue.  We even spotted one of our clients on a float.  It’s the last day of the relay before the 2010 Winter Olympic games get under way! 

Torch run gets close

The torch is making it’s way through Vancouver today and tomorrow when it finally reaches its destination at the official opening ceremonies of the 2010 Olympic Games. Like ’em or lump ’em, the past few years of planning and building, training and perfecting culminate in these coming weeks.

The torch is as iconic as the rings themselves and it rallies up sopport and excitement from across the country. It travels 45, 000 km over the course of 106 days until it comes right under the windows of The Movement Studio tonight! Interestingly, running and Pilates are also intricately tied. Many runners use Pilates to build strength and endurance, prevent injury and increase flexibility and The Movement Studio offers classes specifically for those who enjoy a good jog.

Here’s a map of where the torch is heading as it goes through Kitsilano.

And here’s our information if you’d like to make an appointment for classes: 604.732.9055 or info (at) themovementstudio (dot) ca