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Spring Eats

Spring is literally just around the corner, although given the snow the other day you couldn’t tell… Despite Vancouver’s fickle weather fluctuations between sunshine and rain, there is one thing you can depend on in Spring: lots of fresh, delicious food. Given our moderate climate, Spring brings loads of fresh veggies, fruits, and tasty mushrooms to experiment with. Check out this seasonal chart for inspriration

However, just to name a few:


Fiddleheads (little edible ferns)

Morel mushrooms


Tons of herbs

Leafy veggies like cabbage and lettuces

Bring colour and life to your day-to-day menu with some of these ingredients. And as an added bonus, you will be doing your body a favour, as fresh food is ALWAYS a better alternative to processed food. And as most of us know, a healthy body is definitely necessary for a healthy mind and spirit.
While on the subject of tasty local veggies, try to get out to a local farmers market which start to pop up late April into early May. This is a great way to get yummy treats, be outside with family or friends, and get to know your local farmers.