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Seattle and Martha Eddy

“It was great to see Dr. Martha Eddy in Seattle this summer. Her program, Dynamic Embodiment, which I took over 6 years ago, really changed the way I was teaching and even living. I am still – and will always be – processing the learning from Martha and her faculty.
Taking a week to move the universe within me through her Body Mind Dancing teachings (one of many teachings), was my idea of restoration for this summer. I was very excited at feeling the blood in my bones for the first time so clearly. It felt strong, and resilient; “juicy bones” is what Martha calls them. Every system of the body has a role to play. Both the form and function give specific qualities to each system that can be named. Moving with specific qualities can help us embody specific systems. For myself, moving from my bones after spending so much time moving with the qualities of several of the body fluids made the obvious connection to “juicy bones”.
I also enjoyed the work on the adrenals and stimulus. We were asked to evaluate our interpretations and given the option to re-frame the stimulus in our perceptions. It reminded me of my studies in chronic pain. The mind has tremendous power over our bodies for better or for worse. Consciously, we can always improve things for ourselves. When the threat to our lives is gone and we are still reacting to stimulus, we can examine the stimulus and re-frame it in a non threatening way. It is great to work on this while moving because the mind and body work together to discover ourselves and our potential to ultimately be better people.
The somatic work and especially the experience that Martha and her colleagues provide, has helped clarify my most important daily exercise; to move my truth with consciousness and with my whole self. – Danielle McCulloch