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Pilates Association of Canada

The Pilates Association of Canada is a great resource for anyone who is interested in the Pilates Method. The Association was created to standardize teacher training and provide information for students and teacher.

In their words, it’s a “not-for-profit organization with the purposes of promoting the Pilates Method, supporting high professional standards, sponsoring educational events, and disseminating information relating to the Pilates Method in Canada.”

Students, studios or teachers can become members to network, receive updates and discounts on workshops, plus get notices about job postings and just have access to the national Pilates community.

The Movement Studio’s founder and Pilates instructor, Karen Weggler, is a member and is the volunteer coordinator for anyone interested in getting their foot in the door with Pilates.

Join today or begin by taking classes at The Movement Studio. Call 604.732.9055 or email inf0 (at) themovementstudio (dot) ca  for more information.