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Movement is Everything

One of our resident Pilates experts, Cinzia Toniolo, comments on the benefits of Pilates, and exercise in general, for a healthy body. She comments on the fitness profile of Ethel LaBranche, an 86 year old woman who still exercises 6 days a week and teaches Pilates to Cancer patients. View the video below from the Dallas Morning News and prepare to be impressed!

Fitness Profile: At 86, she still works out six days a week

“Ms. LaBranche’s lifelong  commitment to movement speaks to the prominence that exercise should have in our life.
Movement elongates, strengthens, relaxes, invigorates, nourishes, repair, and renews all our tissues, including the cells in our brain.Movement bring clarity and sharpness to our minds and smoothness and lightness to our emotions.
Scientific studies prove the benefits of exercises on many health conditions, including neurological disease such as Parkinson’s. Aerobic exercise has great benefits for cancer patients and survivors, and even helps preventing recurrences of the disease.
I am lucky. I see the benefits of exercise in my Pilates clients.  Their commitment and perseverance stems from improvements in flexibility, strength, coordination, energy, and from renewed connections they build between their own body and mind. They too, just as Ms. LaBranche, do it because it makes them feel better.”

-Cinzia Toniolo