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Happy Earth Day!

Earth day is celebrated annually on April 22, just a couple of days away. And while it’s important that the spirit of Earth day be celebrated every day by everyone, it’s a nice way for people to come together and be collectively appreciative for Mother Earth. (But don’t forget to be mindful of your footprint, especially if partaking in large-scale celebrations.)

There are some cool initiatives going on in Vancouver, related to Earth Day. The Youth at Risk Foundation is planting trees as a way to raise money and awareness:

“Take a Hike on the Wild Side is a fundraising initiative that blends two worthwhile causes: supporting adventure-based learning programs for 40 of Vancouver’s at-risk youth, and protecting our planet by offsetting greenhouse gas emissions through tree planting.”

You can buy one tree for 10 bucks or seven trees for $50 — a great deal and wonderful way to help kids and the planet, two necessary things for a healthy future.

Another exciting thing for Vancouverites is the Composting program starting up on Earth Day. The City of Vancouver has announced that it will allow city-dwellers to add all food scraps (fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, dairy, bread, cereal products and food-soiled paper) to the yard trimmings container, picked up every second week. About 35 per cent of a household’s waste is compostable so this is really a great habit for people to get in to. Less trips to the garbage dump is good for a lot of reasons and composting is a very simple thing people can do to lessen their foot print.

So, Happy Earth Day everyone: tread lightly, live simply and considerately and enjoy the goodness of the planet.