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Continuing education in Seattle

Instructors at The Movement Studio are constantly absorbing new methods and theories to help improve their teaching; to engage with different strategies that will enhance the Pilates experience for their students.

This coming August, three of our instructors, Karen, Danielle and Steph, will be participating in an exciting workshop in Seattle. All three of these fantastic teachers come from a dance background and have been involved with movement their entire lives.

The workshop called the Seattle Festival of Dance Interpretation is put on by the Dance Art Group. Danielle, Steph and Karen are excited to be working with Martha Eddy in a session called FLUID MOVEMENT. It’s going to focus on:

“Recuperative movement experiences based on the rhythms of the circulating fluids. Move quietly to music to lubricate joints, nourish muscles, deepen relaxation, balance the brain and nerves, and restore overall fluidity. We will investigate the slower restorative fluids to fine-tune alignment, elongate muscles, and rejuvenate the whole self. Bring your favorite small ball(s) to use in various healing combinations.”

Martha Eddy is well-known in the movement community and has a long list of credentials that you can read about here. It should be an exciting time with lots of new theories and techniques that our instructors will bring back to share with students of The Movement Studio.

Check back for updates on the workshop or give us a call (604.732.9055) if you’d like to book an appointment with any of our instructors.