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PreNatal Pilates


A class designed to help your body prepare for baby and beyond. Learn prostural support throughout the different trimesters and their accompanying loads, find appropriate pelvic floor support and tone, alleviate tension patterns, and discover ways to stay comfortable and fit from the first trimester to the third.

"I did (and continue to do) Pilates at the Movement Studio throughout my two pregnancies. The work made my pregnancies comfortable, and I had amazingly quick post-recoveries.  The instructors were conscious about modifying the exercises to make it safe for pregnancy but still kept it challenging."

- Melissa Yeung, Lawyer, Tenure Law

"Pilates changed my life - the way I move, run and work.  The Movement Studio Pilates is second to none.  I cannot recommend them more highly.  So much so that I encourage friends, family and patients to try the Studio."

- Dr Sonya Kashyap, MD, MSc Epi, FRCSC, FACOG - owner, Genesis Fertility Centre

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