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"We invite you to increase your body awareness and learn exercises that will last a lifetime in an encouraging and non-competitive environment with our excellent instructors. My goal is to create a space where people can enjoy learning about their bodies in a safe and inspiring environment; one in which they feel comfortable to explore movement possibilities in a curious, expressive and creative way, while still honouring Joseph Pilates' grand vision of a revolutionary movement practice and recognizing it's expansive and evolutionary potential."

- Karen Weggler, Studio Director

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Karen Weggler, BAA dance, MA, CPI, Physio Rehab assistant

Karen has owned The Movement Studio Pilates and Gyrotonic in Vancouver, BC for the past 12 years. She began her career in movement with training in classical and modern dance, and a semi-professional equestrian career.  She began practicing Pilates at the age of 13 and has been teaching for more than 18 years. Her background leant itself to teaching conditioning for dance programs for various ballet companies in Canada and Europe, and training elite level athletes.

She learned to instruct the Pilates method from Pilates elders Romana Kryzanowska, Marie Jose Blom-Lawrence, Ron Fletcher, Kathy Grant, Alan Herdman, and The Pilates Center at Boulder. Karen holds an Honours BAA (Ryerson) in fine arts/dance, and an interdisciplinary MA in Movement Education, and Fine Arts/Dance (Simon Fraser University)

She has taught at both facilities and at the University of Arizona, Tucson. She currently heads up The Movement Studio's Instructor Training program which began in 2008.

Her interest in biomechanics led to further study in understanding human movement, what it expresses, and how to find authentic expression through body-based knowledge. Workshops with Tom Myers on anatomy, Diane Lee (Physio) on lumbo-pelvic stability, and Linda Joy Lee (Physio) on the role of the thorax in movement, have greatly influenced her approach to rehabilitative and functional movement training. She remains dedicated to ongoing, continuing education, as do all the Studio's instructors.

Having sustained injuries in numerous motor vehicle accidents, she became very interested in the relationships between pain, rehabilitation, and movement re-patterning. She is grateful for the work she is doing in concert with Dr. Larry Chan (D.C., N.D. R.Ac), a foundering member of Integrative Healing Arts here in Vancouver, centering on the role of movement re-education in the recovery process as folks address chronic pain, cancer, and injury.

Karen is excited to be part of the Envision Physiotherapy team and the integrative approach the clinic offers. Her love for Pilates, and deep respect for the wisdom of the body, encourages her to continually evolve her teaching practice, and to discover ways to best assist clients in realizing their full movement potential.

Karen is available Mon-Fri, by appointment at the Studio & Envision Physio locations

Cinzia Toniolo, CPI, CST, Physio Rehab Assistant

Cinzia discovered the joy of movement in her adult life. Through Pilates she discovered how concentration and imagination could help her connect with deeper structures in her body to find fluidity, balance, and release. Becoming passionate about Pilates, she trained and started teaching in 2002. In 2005 she transitioned into Pilates full-time and began to experience the many rewards of teaching.

Teaching keeps her imagination fueled as it travels through the many avenues connecting mind and body. Through her practice she developed a keen interest in helping clients dealing with pain, managing and progressing through their rehabilitation. She pursued further training in rehabilitation of the hips, knees, shoulders, spinal conditions.

During her sessions, Cinzia observes, recognizes and supports what works well in the client’s movement patterns, and she offers movement options that help the client optimizing his/her movement efficiency and expressive palette. She brings sensitive hands-on skills, careful, stimulating and inspiring language, and movement options that help recognize and resolve movement tension patterns. 

Cinzia brings focused, constant, keen attention to her sessions with clients affected by spinal conditions, (arthritis, scoliosis, slipped and herniated disks, osteoporosis), and hip, knee, or shoulder injury. Additionally, she enjoys working with pre and post-partum women, helping them find center and balance. Cinzia is an avid runner and loves hiking. Her passion for these things has translated into leading classes specifically geared towards runners and athletes seeking to improve their performance.

We are pleased to announce that Cinzia has recently been certified by Dr Martha Eddy to teach Movement for Life, an exercise program tailored for people with breast cancer and we offer supportive programming for folks post-surgery or currently undergoing chemotherapy.

Cinzia works full time from Monday through Saturday. She offers Pilates, Cranio-Sacral Therapy, and Movement Therapy as a a certified DESM Therapist.

Marlis Vos, CPI, Physio Rehab Assistant

Marlis Vos comes to us with a wealth of experience, knowledge and energy. She is fully certified in  all Pilates equipment and repertoire, and has been teaching for more than 15 years. 

Marlis was introduced to Pilates as a 13-year-old dancer and studied Interdisciplinary Arts at SFU. She continued to pursue a successful  professional dance career in Toronto, studying under some of  the great masters of dance, Pilates, and movement therapists. 

As a teacher, Marlis keeps her studies relevant with the most current innovations and body  sciences, incorporating PNF, DMS, cross chain training and fascial studies, with a particular focus  on functional movement. With a deep understanding of physiology, Pilates, and an intuitive flair for playfulness, she offers a truly unique approach in her practice. Marlis focuses  on simple, practical solutions for improved mobility in your day-to-day activities, whether it’s  standing in line at the grocery store or the best way to approach stairs, chairs and automobiles. 

“Having suffered my own serious back injury, Pilates has given me the tools to assist others through the injury and recovery process at every stage of the journey”. This passion led  her to study rehabilitation through various schools and courses over the years including, ‘Rehab Through  Pilates’ from ‘Core Basics’ Centre D’Osteopathie et du Pilates 2009.  This deeply  informed her teaching  practice and it’s evidenced in her intuitive ability to work with the body. She believes that Pilates is a valuable form  of therapy often lost in the fitness category. 

“I am grateful that I have been  successful in assisting so many people in their exploration toward better  movement, health, healing and a more balanced life. I teach because of the powerful restorative and versatile healing properties of Pilates. Pilates is the most adaptable form of movement, exercise and therapy for all ages, stages and changes in life. I teach because ‘I Believe’!”

Marlis is available at both our Studio and Clinic locations

Hana Rutka, CPI, Physio Rehab Assistant

Hana has had a life-long fascination with movement. Having trained extensively and professionally as a dancer, she is a graduate of Canada’s National Ballet School, and is currently a dance artist and Pilates instructor residing in Vancouver. Hana was drawn to the rehabilitative power of Pilates as a result of several dance injuries, and has been practicing Pilates alongside her dancing for over a decade. She is certified in all apparatus, Mat, Reformer, Cadillac, Chair and Barrel, and has experience working with post-acute rehabilitation clients and athletes. Hana strives to create a nurturing environment in her classes by encouraging students to deepen their awareness in order to achieve a dynamic sense of alignment and integrated, functional movement.

Hana is available at both our Studio and Clinic locations

Katie Cassady, CPI

Katie is a Pilates teacher, dancer, and choreographer. She is passionate about facilitating movement and believes in empowering people through the development of body awareness, strength, and personal expression. Katie completed her Pilates training through Pilates Process, her dance training at the San Francisco Conservatory of Dance, and holds a BA in Art History from UBC. Katie has experience teaching people of diverse ages and abilities, and is passionate about inclusivity in her teaching practice.

Katie is available at our Studio location

Catherine Murray, CPI, Physio Rehab Assistant

Catherine came to Pilates following her career as a dance artist. It has been a natural transition to take her love of movement and the details of the human body and relay those to her clients through Pilates.

Catherine is a fully certified instructor whose goal is to help others connect to their bodies and find greater range and ease of motion to take into daily life.

Catherine earned her BFA from Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson) in 2005, followed by her MFA in Choreography from York University in 2013.

Catherine has over 15 years of teaching experience in a variety of forms and environments. She lives in East Van with her husband and two young sons and is very excited to be part of The Movement Studio team.

Catherine is available at our Studio and Clinic locations