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The Movement Studio and our practitioners provide individualized, private sessions for clients recovering from an injury via a progressive healing process.  We also specialize in well-back, shoulder and posture clinics.

Rehabilitative Pilates is a non-passive, highly effective, results-based modality. We utilize specialized equipment that offers resistance for muscle strengthening and retraining while balancing muscular force at the joint level.  Working in concert with other caregivers, such as physiotherapists, sports medicine specialist, and chiropractors, we are dedicated to assisting clients in their recovery process and to cutting rehabilitation time significantly.

When spinal issues are involved we work towards strengthening, balancing and aligning spinal musculature.  This is essential in order to decompress injured vertebrae and assist in relieving disc pressure and associated nerve pain.  This decompression is also necessary in order to stimulate circulation to any damaged spinal tissue.   Addressing postural issues plays an integral role in recovery.  Posture is the foundation of our structural integrity and is a highly dynamic process.  As clients learn about and live good postural practices they experience a significant reduction in general pain and strain on muscles, nerves and ligaments.

Breath is addressed throughout rehabilitation, as a weak respiratory system will directly and adversely affect the central nervous system.   Learning to breathe correctly is an essential part of rehabilitation, especially for those clients dealing with chronic pain issues. 

We also have years of experience using pilates to address the needs of clients suffering from car accidents, hip, knee and shoulder cuff injuries, whiplash, frozen shoulders, MS, TMJ dysfunction, scoliosis, stroke, post-polio syndrome, among others.   Clients who are preparing for and recovering from pregnancy or surgeries have also found Pilates to be extremely effective in shortening the duration of time required to achieve complete recovery.

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