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Core Fusion

NEW!  Core Fusion – Yoga and Pilates Meet & Flow with Paula Hoover

Core Fusion uses Sun Salutations to initiate an understanding of core lines and support in fluid movement.  The structure of the Sun Salutations presents us with opportunities to go deeper and explore areas that can be integrated within a Yoga and Pilates framework. 

The practice encourages an understanding of alignment and activation of core lines from feet through to the crown.  Together we explore the Bandhas - or the domes of support in the body - available in feet, hands, pelvic floor, diaphragm, abdomen and throat. The Bandhas support fluid breath, lifted joints and a vital, elongated spine.    The use of the breath as a physical and meditative tool for body, mind and nervous system is the foundation for this flow-based practice.  The study and experience of different breath techniques in Yoga is known as ‘Pranayama’ and they are as paramount to our well being as are sleep and food.  Breath nourishes us at a cellular level and supports all our physical movement.  As a body/mind bridge it plays an integral part in clarifying our intention and brings about well being and presence of mind. 

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