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Teacher Training FAQ's

Our Philosophy

Our program fosters the development of a Pilates Teaching Practice that honors the wisdom within our own bodies. In the spirit of Joseph Pilates’ vision of an inspiring, responsive movement practice that adapts to the person in front of you, we aim to teach the Pilates repertoire in an expansive, exploratory, evolutionary, creative and interactive way.

What makes our training program unique?

Our first priority is creating high quality and well-rounded instructors…that means not only learning, experiencing and embodying the Pilates repertoire but also having the tools to effectively convey the material to clients. We focus on how your own experience of the practice is transferred to the people you will be working with.

We value each person’s strengths and will facilitate the expansion of these strengths to include highly refined observational skills, knowledge of how to identify and support a client where they are at, practicing clear cueing and the ability to provide options within the provided framework.

We have chosen to go deeper with the Pilates material by including approaches from Martha Eddy’s Somatic Movement , Laban Movement Analysis, and Imagery (Eric Franklin/The Franklin Method).
Material from SMT: an introduction to developmental movement patterns, body systems, authentic movement and how these approaches can deepen your practice and approach to teaching
LMA: an introduction to some of the Laban terminology and how it can improve the clarity of what you observe and cue
Imagery: an introduction to Eric Franklin’s work and how using imagery effectively accesses the CNS for re-patterning

An integral component of our program includes guest instructors who will teach approaches to many common pathologies, and experiential embodiment class as it pertains to teaching.
Embodiement with Jane Ellison
Pathologies with Physiotherapist, Brent Stevenson

When our students graduate we want them to know what Pilates repertoire they would give a client and why that is most appropriate. New teachers will know how they arrived at that programming, how to look at a body moving in terms of alignment and how to best meet a client to assist clients in learning efficient, functional movement patterns that will assist them in achieving a balanced, happy body.  We want these movement and postural patterns to translate in a way that makes them more comfortable in their everyday life (IE: sitting at a desk all day, working on a computer, picking up a child, carrying groceries, reaching for cans in the cupboard).  We also want clients to be aware of and efficient in their movement patterns so as to make dynamic activities safe and more enjoyable.

Will I learn what is appropriate in the Pilates repertoire for use with folks rehabitilating from an injury?

With regards to understanding rehabilitative work and clients' needs, our agenda relates to using the Pilates repertoire to effectively rehab injury. IE: once there is Doctor or Physio approval, and they have referred them to us for Pilates, what is expected of the teacher to help the client?  How can teachers work with other caregivers so as to provide consistent, integrative programming within our scope of practice.

Brent Stevenson, a well-known physio who owns his own clinic and worked for a number of years with Diane Lee, a world renowned physio and BC board examiner, is giving 2 intensive workshops throughout the program. These address how to work with a number of injuries and pathologies, and where the appropriate start place is, re: a Pilates program for people coming out of acute pain/injury. He also speaks to how to work most effectively with people in chronic pain including those presenting nervous system disorders like fibromyalgia. He educates on special populations such as the elderly, pregnant women and those who have not finished growing yet. His discussion educates our students on movements that are contraindicated and those that would benefit.

This program is an 8 month intensive study. We meet Friday afternoons (3 hours) + one weekend intensive/month (15 hrs each). There is a 4-6 month apprenticeship period and mentoring is provided. We offer small classes, anatomy workshops with Brent Stevenson, physiotherapist, & embodiment classes with Jane Ellison, Master Teacher.

Our program is recognized by the Pilates Association of Canada (PAC) and insurance is available upon completion through Sports Insurance Canada.

What teacher training does The Movement Studio Pilates offer?

We are teaching a comprehensive certification program. This means you will learn the repertorie from fundamentals to advanced including,
- Comprehensive Pilates Mat Work
- Comprehensive Pilates Equipment. This includes reformer, cadillac, chair and small barrel
- Small appartus training for swivel discs, foam rollers, stability balls, therabands™, weighted balls

Additional workshops will be available addressing

- Special populations
- Sport Specific training
- Post-rehabilitative Protocols for the Pilates context

What We Require From You

The program is an intense commitment that will require your engagement with the material on many levels:
Attendance of all Friday sessions (3 hours/week) and monthly intensives (12 hours/ month)
Completion of all required readings (texts, emailed articles & handouts)
Attendance to 3 classes/week (3 hours/wk)
Weekly self practice & integration (recommended 6 hours/wk)
Weekly partner practice/teaching each other (2 hours/wk)
Completion of all assignments & exams (work will be redone if not completed to satisfaction)
Completion of all guest instructor classes
Weekly observation (recommended 5 hours/wk)
Weekly journaling (personal)
Monthly blog postings (public)
Recording of all classes attended, self practice, partner practice, observation in binder with initials of a senior studio instructor
Attending weekly meetings/check ins as a group as well as with advisor
Completion of apprenticeship requirements: client practice teaching, co-teaching with a senior instructor, paid apprentice teaching
Completion of the final exam (to the satisfaction of the faculty)
1st Aid & CPR
Obtaining Insurance

If I am already trained in Pilates and want to train with The Movement Studio Pilates where do I start? 

This is a popular request. Please contact us for a personal consultation, so we can review your situation and find the best fit in terms of continuing education options.

Is the Teacher Training Program recognized in the industry?

YES!  The Movement Studio Pilates is a recognized Pilates Teacher Training Centre.  The Movement Studio Pilates is one of the most respected Pilates teacher training centres in Canada.  

What are the prerequisites for The Movement Studio Pilates teacher training?

Contact us for further details, 604.732.9055 or email

When are teacher training courses offered?

Our Pilates certification program is offered annually and is an eight month intensive. A period of apprentice teaching follows the completion of our study period. Professional development Pilates and Anatomy workshops are offered throughout the year.

How do I register?

You can register for The Movement Studio Pilates Instructor Training in person by telephone, or by fax, seven days a week.

Methods of payment include: Cash, Cheque, Debit, Visa, Mastercard.

What’s involved in a teacher training course?

Teacher training certification courses involve a combination of:

  • Lecture
  • Observation
  • Practice teaching
  • Self-practice
  • Exercise analysis and reviews

Come prepared to work hard, have fun and become part of the highly skilled community of The Movement Studio Pilates certified Pilates teachers.

I’m unable to attend the teacher training course I have registered for.  What happens now?

Option 1: reschedule or substitute
If you will be unable to attend the course you’re registered for but can make it to that course or another course at another time, you may transfer your registration to another course or another date.  Only one such transfer is allowed and, after that, no refunds will be issued or additional transfers permitted. 

The following chart summarizes the transfer policy:

Amount of Notice Given

Administrative Fee

15 days or more


Less than 15 days but more than 2 days


48 hours or less



Option 2: cancellation

The policy can be summarized as follows:

Amount of Notice Given

Refund of Course and Materials Fee (materials for both or just 2-1 days?)

Administrative Fee

15 days or more



Less than 15 days but more than 2 days



48 hours or less

No refund


I missed part of the course. What happens now?

You must be in attendance for the complete time frame of a course in order to receive a certificate of completion.  If you missed any portion of a course you must make up the missed time with private sessions at The Movement Studio Pilates Pilates. 

How do I maintain my status as a The Movement Studio Pilates certified Pilates teacher?

Continuing education is an integral part of the The Movement Studio Pilates Comprehensive Teacher Training Program.  Every teacher who successfully completes the Mat Work and/or Equipment Specialist Certifications must accumulate 15 continuing education credits (CEC’s) every two years.  One credit is equal to one hour of training. CEC's can be earned by any combination of group classes, private sessions, teacher-training courses or continuing education workshops offered at The Movement Studio Pilates.  See Continuing Education Credits : How The System Works for complete details.

If I attend a course or workshop through another organization will it count towards my continuing education requirement at The Movement Studio Pilates?

Absolutely!Educational workshops from other organizations will be considered on a case by case basis for a maximum of 4 continuing education credits (CEC’s) per two year period. 

How do I keep track of my CEC’s?

Your attendance at The Movement Studio Pilates courses, workshops, classes and privates is tracked.  It is your responsibility to provide proof of successful completion of educational workshops from other organizations for a maximum of 4 CEC’s per two year period.  You will be given three months notice if you have not met the CEC requirement to maintain your certification.

I’d like to teach Pilates to (post-rehabilitation clients or some other special population of clients).  How can I obtain specialized training?.

The Movement Studio Pilates has developed a full roster of workshops and  seminars to help The Movement Studio Pilates certified teachers stay current and inspired  by the new developments in Pilates for special populations.

Can I take a teacher training course for my own interest?

Yes. Anatomy, and many of the continuing education workshops will be of interest and value to Pilates enthusiasts who want to learn more to improve their own experience in classes and private sessions, but who have no intention of teaching. Beware – learning more about Pilates is addictive and may lead to unintended career changes.

Where are courses conducted?
All Teacher training and continuing education courses are held at The Movement Studio Pilates Pilates studio.

Appropriate Attire?
Wear Comfortable clothing.  Bring layers for varied temperatures.

Restaurants Nearby? Capers, Starbucks, 49th Parallel, Trattoria, Greek restaurants, Subway, Watermark, Bishops.

Accommodation? Contact us

Closest bus stop? 4th and Vine.

Parking? Side streets, Street parking outside studio. Underground Parkade.






How to Register


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